LANDI ♥ (lanulove) wrote in ljcapture,

Alias://  Landi
Age://  nineteen  /  27-01-87
Location://  Northern Ireland, UK
Status://   married
More?://   i am an art graduate majoring in art history + photography. i have been taking pictures for quite a while now and i love it. i'm scared that i'm not going to be able to post much in this community due to being busy a lot with other things at my own home + no there, i have to use my laptop at my parents. but having said that i will try my best. i love shock imagery, death pictures etc but i also would take more easy on the eye pictures. i love pictures with statements behind them. i am into technique but i like the extra dimension you can add to a picture by a sentence. 

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lol landa, there is an introduction survey in the user info, silly girl.
i looked but i didnt see :X
umm, there is none. i double checked before i posted this two days ago. but i can change it no probs. it's like your intro right?
sorry :) I need to stop doing things at 3am! I fixed the info :)
lol s'ok ^-^